Andrew Achong: (AFA - Photography)

Born and raised in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Andrew Achong found his passion for photography after immigrating to Brooklyn, New York in his teens. There, he found a love for documentary through street photography that grew and evolved through his journey from New York to Miami to Mississippi to New Orleans to Seattle. Following his service in the United States Air Force, where he continued his self-taught photography journey, Andrew returned to school and received his AFA in Photography from Shoreline Community College. While his passion is fine art photography with an eye for light and contrast, Andrew loves opportunities for moments photographs weddings and portraits in the greater Seattle area.


Erika Andrade: (AFA - Photography)

Erika was born in Ixtapan de la sal Mexico on June 12, 2000. Erika and her family moved to the US when she was lonely 5 years old. Her first encounter with photography was not until high school when her counselor placed her in photography 1 because all of the other chosen electives were already taken. Since that first day she has not put that camera down. Photography allowed her to have a creative outlet and kept her excited and happy about school. She was encouraged by her peers and family to follow her dream and aim to be the best she can be. 


Gabe Brazil: (AFA - Studio Art)

Gabriel Brazil was exposed to art at an early age through his mother’s traditional drawings, and would later evolve during his exploration of indie games and animations, mainly through work of Edmund McMillen and the show Superjail!, both shaping his style toward one of strange creatures, horror, and violence. He continued to develop in a whimsical and immersive direction through media exploration up through 2021, wherein he began an Associate of Fine Arts Degree at Shoreline Community College, continuing to improve and explore his artistic abilities and means of creative expression.


Hayley Chan: (AA - Pursuing Fashion Design)

Hayley Chan is a self-taught artist that born and raised in Hong Kong, China. She went to local schools in Hong Kong and majored in Art. She experienced a variety of art forms on her own during her high school period which allowed her to develop her artistic skills. She then decided to pursue and learn more about art after the year of being a foreign exchange student in the United State. She is currently in her final year of an AA degree at Shoreline Community College, she plans to enter the Fashion Knitwear Design program at Nottingham Trent University.


Hanga Garcia-Serrano: 

(AFA - Studio Art)

Hanga L.Garcia-Serrano is a Mexican Artist from Seattle, Washington. She was first introduced to Art at the age of 7 and since then has spent her life honing her skills in Drawing. Mostly with Charcoal, Graphite, and Ink. She doesn’t look up to many artists, but Claudio Bravo has impacted her way of creating a piece of work. She also enjoys photography and often uses photographs as reference in her drawings, but she mostly enjoys drawing from life. She is currently completing her AFA Degree at Shoreline Community College and hopes to enter a four year university to complete her artistic studies. After that she hopes to find her way in the Artistic world.

Gabriel Guitierrez Morales: 

(AFA - Studio Art)

Gabriel Gutierrez Morales was born and raised in Tijuana, but moved to Mexico City with his family shortly after starting high school. The cultural differences between the north and the south drove him to a greater interest in the arts after joining his school’s art club.Although he did not start his college education immediately after graduating, his digital portraits granted him an invitation to TEDMED 2016 as the event’s yearly speaker illustrator. He has since expanded his portraiture into diverse media. Since the fall of 2019, he is on his path to completing associate degrees in studio arts and digital film production at Shoreline Community College.


Emily Jones: (AFA - Photography)

Emily Jones was born in Seattle and raised in the Mill Creek area where she currently lives. She is working on her Associates in Fine Arts at Shoreline Community College. Photography was introduced to Emily at a very young age thanks to her nana gifting her a small point-and-click camera. Ever since then she has been interested in perusing a career in photography. Emily’s work has been featured in some group exhibits such as the Everett Public School’s High School Art Show and at the Seattle Art Museum after winning first place in the category of landscape in Washington State High School Photography Competition. She is currently working as a photographer at Legend’s Sports Photography which specializes in youth sports portraits and team photos.


Jeremy Laviguer: (AA - Pursuing Art)

Jeremy Laviguer is a mixed medium artist living in the pacific northwest. Spending his seminal years living in various section 8 housing complexes and now conspicuously missing trailer parks; Mr. Laviguer found himself in the Air Force during the height of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Later serving a significant sentence at the Walla Walla state penitentiary. These days he is a father and CWU graduate working in the nonprofit field. These things inform his art greatly and provide perspective that can be seen in the works he creates which focus on transformation, humor, and the hidden power of capturing the uncommon. 



Logan Parsons: (AFA - Photography)

Logan Parsons is a Fine Art and Documentary Photographer, born and raised in Ballard, North of Seattle. He is currently finishing his AFA in photography at Shoreline Community College. He has also studied at the University of Washington, West Virginia University, and North Seattle College. His professional experience includes work with clothing brands, musicians, and nightclubs. He has been published in Spindrift, and will soon be in Énfolio. He also has upcoming exhibitions, including his AFA Show at Shoreline, and the Shelter in Place show featuring his work during the George Floyd/BLM protests.


Nathan Peterson: (AFA - Photography)

Nathan was born in Seattle, WA and graduated Shorewood High School in 2015. The summer after graduation he joined the Air Force where seeing new landscapes through travels is what initially sparked his interest in this medium as it's very accessible and easy to capture moments. More so, he can look back and experience the scenes without constantly replaying the place in his mind. This quarter Nathan will be participating in Enfolio and the AFA Show at Shoreline Community College. He likes to photograph with an open mind and embrace the many different styles of photography.    


Annie Reierson: (AFA - Photography)

Annie Reierson was born in Moscow, Idaho before moving to Redmond Washington when she was 7 years old. Since then, she has lived in a variety of cities within the area and currently resides in Kirkland Washington. Annie’s work explores the duality of human emotion through personal experience. Annie has appeared in serval exhibitions including the AFA student exhibition at Shoreline Community College, Student Exhibition at Bellevue College, as well as in the 2018 Congressional Art Competition exhibitionat VALA Gallery. She has been published by the Enfolio at Shoreline Community College and has a variety of professional freelance experience. 


Paula Ruiz:  (AA - Pursuing Architecture)

Paula Ruiz was born in Miami and has lived in Miami FL, Spring TX, Seattle WA and a small Colombian town called Valledupar. She is currently enrolled in Shoreline Community College and working towards a transfer degree to the University of Washington to study Architecture or Architectural Design. Paula is currently working on an upcoming AFA show and Enfolio project. From a very young age, she has been interested in and involved in the fine arts, mostly graphite sketching and some painting. She has some experience in digital art and design in programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Rhinoceros 7. Paula ́s artistic inspiration consists mainly of the female figure and its many curves, shades, and figures, attempting to highlighting the beauty in diversity.  


Xuerong Zhang: 

(AA - Pursuing Fashion Design)

Xuerong Zhang was born and grew in China. She has been studying abroad since she was 18 years old, so she experienced much different social and natural cultures. She is now studying and living in Seattle. She is learning art in Shoreline Community College with a concentration in painting. She took her first painting class in 2019. Nicholas Enevoldsen is her first painting instructor and teaches her lot of art techniques. She went to Paris several times to enjoy the beauty of paintings and learned a lot to take shape her own art style. Her art works will be shown in the upcoming Énfolio publication, and AFA Exhibition.