The artwork in this virtual exhibition represents the culmination of two years of hard work and creativity. As instructors, we have had the privilege of watching these students progress from their first realizations of their passion for art making to developing an individual focus and creative voice. It is delightful to see the quality and integrity of their work and to know that our students have developed conceptual and technical skills that will help them realize their goals.

Many of the students represented in this show have completed the requirements for an Associate of Fine Arts degree, a two-year program of study and creative development in the visual arts. Shoreline has two AFA degree tracks, one in Studio Arts and one in Photography. The Studio Arts program consists of a solid foundation curriculum in drawing, two and three-dimensional design and Art History, as well as a concentration of individual focus in either two or three-dimensional media. Students who complete the AFA degree in visual arts have options to transfer to a broad range of four-year art programs. Even if students are not planning to transfer immediately to a college art program, the AFA degree is a strong preparation to pursue a direction of personal development in the arts.

We wish our students the best of luck – whether they are continuing with their academic studies, beginning their careers as artists or simply becoming visually literate citizens. We are proud of them, and proud of our program.